Date Show Judge Class Position
02/04/02 YNMWPA Mrs J Rual Junior Dog/Bitch 3rd/Best Puppy
    Mrs J Harrison-Smith Puppy Working Group 1st
    Mrs J Harrison-Smith Best Puppy In Show Reserve BP In Show
10/05/02 National Dog Show Mrs C John Puppy Dog 3rd
    Mrs C John Junior Dog 1st
12/05/02 Alaskan Malamute Club Mr K Nathan Puppy Dog 1st
    Mr K Nathan Junior Dog 2nd
18/05/02 Scottish Kennel Club Miss MB Deats Junior Dog 3rd
18/07/02 East of England Mrs MJ Wilcock Junior Dog Reserve
28/07/02 Leeds Mr R Croly Junior Dog 1st
17/08/02 Welsh Kennel Club Mr A Brace Junior Dog 2nd
25/08/02 Scottish Kennel Club Mr R Cruden Junior Dog 1st
    Mrs P Williams AV Rare Breed 2nd
31/08/02 City of Birmingham Mr D Smith Junior Dog 1st
08/09/02 Richmond Mrs J Broadberry Junior Dog 1st
14/09/02 Darlington Mr J Bispham Junior Dog 1st/ Reserve Best Dog
22/09/02 Alaskan Malamute Club Mr K Givens Novice Dog 1st
10/10/02 Driffield Mr D Killilea Junior Dog 3rd



19/01/03 Retford Canine Society Ms S Jones Post Grad Dog/Bitch 2nd
22/02/03 Isle of Ely Canine Society Mrs J Al-Haddad Post Grad Dog/Bitch 3rd
    Mrs B Peach Post Grad AV Working 3rd
07/03/03 Crufts Championship Show Mrs MP Everton Post Grad Dog 1st
16/03/03 Otley Canine Show Mr K Warburton Graduate Dog/Bitch 1st
10/05/03 National Dog Show Mr J Broadberry Post Grad Dog 3rd
11/05/03 Alaskan Malamute Club Ms B Stanier Post Grad Dog VHC
    Mr M Smith Rescue Stakes Open Dog 1st
01/06/03 Southern Counties Mr E Tuominen Post Grad Dog 1st
22/06/03 Blackpool Mrs S Smith Post Grad Dog 2nd
17/07/03 East of England Mr D Cavill Post Grad Dog 2nd
20/07/03 Pontefract and District Mrs E Bruns Post Grad Dog/Bitch VHC
28/07/03 Leeds Mr R Searle Post Grad Dog 3rd
30/08/03 City of Birmingham Miss MB Deats Post Grad Dog 3rd
13/09/03 Darlington Mrs J Collis Limit Dog 2nd
09/10/03 Driffield Mr S Pollock Post Grad Dog 2nd



14/07/04 Paignton Mr J Bispham Post Grad Dog VHC



03/07/05 Windsor Mr T Munro Limit Dog VHC
11/09/05 Rotherham, Parkgate CS Mrs M Page Open 1st & Best of Breed



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