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DOB: 31st October 2010

Owned by Bonnie & Nick


Hunter lives in Cornwall with his family where he has started his working career with a Working Weight Pull title and is working towards his Working Pack Dog title.. He has his big sister Skye to look after as well as his Mum & Dad.

Sired by Womble, Hunter is growing up to look so much like his Grandfather Devon.

List of achievements:

WWPD - AMCA Working Weight Pull Dog



BJISS Hawkam Leading The Trail Via Amaqqut WWPD WWPDA WWPDX WTD

Am/Can Ch Storm Kloud's Uundercover N Blk WWPD WWPDX WPD CGC ROMWD

Am Ch Storm Kloud's Yyes Just Say Yes WWPDX WTDX WLD 94 Iditarod

Am Ch Storm Kloud's Ggrandslam WTDX 94 Iditarod

BISS Am/Can Ch Storm Kloudís Better Than Ever WTD WWPD ROM

Am Ch Sno-Kloudís Home Free WTD ROM

Am/Jap Ch Kiska's Isis O Storm Kloud

BIS Am/Can Ch Storm Kloudís Keep the Win WTD WWPD WWPDX WLD ROM

Kasaanís Stormi Fortune O Mine

Am Ch Akeela's Star Quest O' Storm KLD WWPDX WTD

BIS BISS Multi Ch Storm Kloud's Qquest For Glory WTD ROM

Am Ch Sno-Kloudsí Trust in Me

Desiree's Carrie O Storm Kloud

Am Ch Storm Kloud's Illuvistar WWPD WPD

Am Ch Storm Kloudís R-Tic Sampson ROM

Am Ch Sno-Kloudís Moka of Storm Kloud ROM

BISS Ch Hawkam's Harlequin ShCM WWPD ROMWD

Omen Del Lago Degli Orsi

Am Ch Pandizuchero Del Lago Degli Orsi

Am Ch Poker Flat's Yukon Law CGC TDI

Am Ch Storm Kloud's Can't Catch Me

Am Ch Serata Di Gala Del Lago Degli Orsie

Am Ch Storm Kloud's Wwright Won Baby WWPDX WTD

Am Ch Storm Klouds Yyou The Seducer

Hawkam's Enigma ROMWD

BISS Storm Kloud's Chosen To Win at Hawkam

BIS Am/Can Ch Storm Kloudís Keep the Win WTD WWPD WWPDX WLD ROM

Am/Port/Sp Ch Storm Kloud's Hharmony

BIS Can Ch Keikewabic's P'Tis Amie

Can Ch Outrigger's Red Wolf at Shepherdsway TT CAM

Can Ch Keikewabic's Crispie


Dankatcha's Floryn Kundalini at Celticice WTD ROMWD

Can Ch Keikewabic's Rusty Tundra Baron at Shepherdsway

Can Ch Keikewabic's Inook

Can Ch Keikewabic's Sh-Boom

Am/Can Ch Keikewabic's P'Tis N'Ours ROM

Can Ch Keikewabic's Kiki Taboo CD ET

Can Ch Keikewabic's Scarlett O'Hara

Can Ch Locomotion Keikewabic Sinner

Keikewabic's Netooka

Can Ch Keikewabic's Xena

Can Ch Outrigger's Summit

Can Ch Outrigger's Red Wolf TT

Keikewabic's Outrigger's Honey

Can/Isr Ch Keikewabic's Tundra Rainsong

Can Ch Keikewabic's Inook

Can Ch Keikewabic's Sledgerunner Tundra

Dankatcha's Darshana

Arctictrek's Storm Trooper

BIS/BISS Shepherdsway Wovoka of Snowolf

Malsabout Golden Dream of Highnoons

Eastern Hill Coldfoot Chanel

Arctictrek's Cherish Forever

BISS Storm Kloud's Chosen To Win at Hawkam

Arctictrek's Indiana

Arctictrek's Lady Ananya

Can Ch Shepherdsway Phantom Scout

BISS Storm Kloud's Chosen To Win at Hawkam

Shepherdsway Black Oasis

Arctictrek's Indiana

Jacbar Alaskan Black Night

Rameslyn Cherokee Squaw


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